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Azuma Bukuro Bag - Brushworks

€17,95 EUR

The Azuma Bukuro Bag is an origami-style knot bag with a boxed bottom. The bag closes by a single knot tie or double knot and can be carried by slipping your hand under the knot. Azuma Bukuro Bags are unlined and handmade with all-natural designer fabrics. All edges are serged or hemmed.

This Japanese triangular bag is great as a stylish and minimalist knitting project bag. Tied closed, they stuff easily into another bag or basket. When open they open up really wide and sit by themselves on their flat bottoms. Folded flat this bag takes up very little space.

The Azuma Bukuro Bag comes in different colors and three different sizes.

The small bag is approx:

13 x 3 inches, 12 inches tall at the highest point 

33,5 x 8 cm, 30 cm tall

The medium bag is approx:

15.75 x 4 x 13.75 inches

40 x 10 x 35 cm

The large bag is approx:

18.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches

47 x 14 x 41 cm

Material: Cotton/Linen blend fabric

The small size is ideal for smaller projects like socks and hats. The medium size is ideal for multi-skein projects like a scarf or shawl. And the large size can handle an entire sweater with all its yarn.

Azuma Bukuro Bags are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Next to using them for your crafty projects, they are also great for grocery shopping, bread or vegetable storage, as a lunch bag (Bento Bag) or use as a reusable gift bag. They are ideal to keep down food waste as well as plastic.

Placement of the fabric design can be different as my Azuma Bukuro Bags are handmade. This makes every item slightly different.

Please note that the colors may differ on PC screens depending on their settings and inherent technical properties. I do my best to accurately photograph colors in true-to-life light.