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Yarn Sleeve / Yarn Cozy - Yellow Velvet Rib

€8,95 EUR

These yellow rib velvet yarn sleeves are handmade and designed to keep your yarn from rolling around and becoming a tangled mess. 

Either you love knitting or crochet, you probably prefer to use center pull skeins. Your yarn becomes all tangly, messy and rolls all over the place. This fabric yarn bowl will solve the problem.

Benefits of Yarn Sleeves

No more unraveled yarn, no more struggle with knots, no more jumbled mess of leftovers at the bottom of your project bag and most important of all: you do not have to waste any more time detangling you're neatly wound yarn. 

How to use these Yarn Cozies?

Yarn cozies or yarn sleeves can be used for any center-pull yarn skein or cake. It is lightweight, portable, reusable and it will keep your yarn clean and neat. Cover your yarn with this stretchy cozy and throw it in your knitting project bag. Your yarn will stay neat and clean no matter how often you pull it out to knit. It's just like a yarn bowl but you can bring this one with you everywhere you knit!

Features of TIENenMIEP's Yarn Sleeves:

> Prevents Tangles
> Yarn stays neat and clean
> Fast and easy to use
> Lightweight, portable and reusable
> Perfect yarn storage for knitting and crocheting
> Fits most center pull yarn cakes or skeins
> Fun Prints
> Great as gifts for fiber creatives or for swaps.

> Measures 4.5” x 5”, the perfect size for most 100-gram center pull cakes or skeins. (up to worsted weight yarn!)

Note: in the 2nd picture the left yarn sleeve is used on a 100-gram skein of worsted weight yarn and the left on a 50-gram skein of sports weight yarn.

How do I care for Yarn Cozies?

Spot clean if possible. However, yarn cozies can be machine washed delicate cycle in cold water and lay flat to dry. Iron on medium cotton setting.

What else do you need to know?

The placement of the fabric design can be different as my yarn sleeves are handmade. This makes every item slightly different.

Please note that the colors may differ on PC screens depending on their settings and inherent technical properties. I do my best to accurately photograph colors in true-to-life light.

As I try to make a difference and want to reduce waste, all orders will be sent in a biodegradable mailing bag.